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05 July 2017

A child passport will last until you are 16, after which time you will need to have an adult passport. But is it possible for an adult to travel on the child passport that belongs to them if their birthday has been very recent? And what is the process for changing from a child’s passport to an adult one?


The good news is that you can continue to use your child passport until it expires, even if that puts you over the age of 18. The Passport Office is duty bound to honour the expiration date on the passport, even if, technically, the person carrying it should have an adult one. This is a little known fact, but one that can save you time, money, and worry about renewing your passport when really you don’t actually need to just because you are over the age of 16.


However, if your child passport has expired and you are now 16, you will have to apply for an adult one. Applying for your first adult passport after you have had a child’s passport is the easiest way to do it – and the quickest too. You will be eligible to use all of the urgent services that the Passport Office provides, meaning that you can get your new, adult passport quickly. These services include the One Week Fast-Track Service, and the Premium One Day Service. If the premium service is the one you hope to use, you will have to have the original passport with you, and it reasonably good condition – it cannot be used if it has been lost or damaged.


If you are over the age of 16 and have never had a child’s passport, then the urgent services cannot be used, and you will need to apply for your first adult passport in the usual way, which can take between 4 and 6 weeks (sometimes longer in peak periods) to be completed. Some children are included on their parents’ passports. If this is the case, you won’t be able to use the urgent services, and the same process applies as above. You may also be required to attend an interview at your nearest passport office.

If you are intending to travel in the next four weeks and you can take advantage of the useful fast track services, then it is recommended that you do just that. Using any other service may mean that you don’t get your passport back in time for you to travel. The One Day Premium Service means that you can collect your passport four hours after your initial appointment. You will need to ensure that your completed application form is correct, that you have two passport photos, and that you bring all the supporting documents that you need. You must also have your old passport.


Using the One Week Fast Track Service means that your passport will be posted to your home within one week of your appointment. Again, you will need all your documentation, photos, and a correctly completed application form. 

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